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Pond Liner

Pond Liner (LDPE):-Demand for water is growing everywhere, especially for farming purposes. We have to feed the future population of this globe anyhow. In this situation scarcity of irrigation as well as drinking water is mounting day by day. Groundwater extracted indiscriminately by the government as well as the private parties, thus has reduced drastically. Hence, Rain-water is the main source which can meet the requirement of water in every field in the life particularly for agriculture. However, rain is obviously not available all the time throughout a year and that forced the human society to adopt necessary technology of ‘rain-water
harvesting & storing’.

Through seepage a large quantity of precious water wastes, which makes scarcity in each and every field of life.

  • Lining of pond or water structure is only the solution for preventing seepage loss.
  •  Polyethylene lining is most cost-effective globally accepted technology.

Water storage

  • Storing of harvested/collected water from catchment area for subsequent use.
  •  It can be stored in scientifically managed storage structure (Agriculture Pond) with ZERO seepage loss.
  • The agriculture pond shall be designed as per the locational rainfall and developed catchment area.
  • We are mainly working on to develop proper storage structure with minimum seepage and less evaporation.