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Fumigation Cover

LDPE Fumigation Cover/LDPE Cap Cover:-

We are a company which as managed to carve a niche in the market for the manufacture, export and supply of a wide range of products such as the Fumigation Covers which are high on demand for use in the food grain warehouses for covering the food in order to protect them from water, caterpillars, pests and rodents which are high on demand in the market. These covers are water proof in their make and they have been priced at very cost effective rates in the market.

  • Our covers helps in retaining the gases/fumigants within for longer period of time, thereby protecting the crop against pests.
  • Our Fumigation sheets and covers are ISI Marked and made as per the guidelines of BIS: 2508.

Unique Features:

  • Customized measurement and size
  • V. Stabilized
  • Non porous for efficient fumigation
  • Heat sealed stronger joints thus 100% leak proof
  • 100% Waterproof, Rot-Proof and Weatherproof
  • Accidental tear does not expand hence easily repairable
  • Strong Aluminum eyelets and adequate Funnel system

Fumigation Covers for Industrial Purpose

Fumigation is the process of adding a fumigant to a fumigation enclosure with the specific objective of killing pests. This fumigation covers are also helpful in industrial purpose to fumigate by using gas proof polythene sheets to treat:

Polythene fumigation covers are used in:

  • Loaded freight containers.
  • Cargoes which contain timber and machinery that can be enclosed under gas proof fumigation sheets.

Fumigation Covers for Agriculture Purpose

Agricultural products are affected from the change in environment. To protect the food grains and cereals superior quality of polythene sheets are used in a cover form shape and for the same fumigation is done to kill the pest. Our fumigation cover is used to provide safety to the wide gamut of agricultural products from rain, water, dust, heat and insecticides. Fortuna LDPE Fumigation Cover Are Specially Designed And Manufactured As Per Bis 2508 Standards And Requirement For Preserving Food Grains In Government And Private Warehousing Companies. LDPE Fumigation Covers manufactured by us are of accurate measurement and comes in customized sizes. They have a uniform structure and thickness. They are the best for a skilled workmanship. They are used in high quantities as food grain such as stacks of wheat and rice covers for preserving in government and private warehousing companies. Each Cover is prepared with full detail to eye having flawless seaming work, proper eyelets and funnel system.However we take customization fumigation covers order as per their specifications


  • Accurate Measurement And Size
  • Uniform Structure And Thickness
  • Customized Sizes
  • Skilled Workmanship
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Long lasting
  • Water proof
  • UV resistance
  • Flexible